The Purpose of LoveGodDiversity

It has now been 4 years since my first post, a reboot of my now-deleted “My Journey to Peace” blog. The original blog was where I first explored my learning about and experience of theological, ideological and practical Islam and its sects and schools of thought.

As I progressed through my islamic education, I reached a cross-road between my belief in social justice, the Islam I was beginning to know, and the Islam that was portrayed by the media (and by some fractions of the local community). I decided to take a break from blogging, take a break from Islam, take a step back and rest. I was in my last year of university with a full course-load, I was working 22.5hr, a vice-president with my student association, a clerk on the faculty student association and the faculty administration association, and I was helping out with a pan-canadian, inter-university event. My plate was overwhelmingly full and I needed the break.

After graduating and settling into a new job, I had a chance to delve into religious studies again. With my islamic studies resuming, I decided to revive my blog in what became LoveGodDiversity. I believed – and still believe – that Love and Diversity can coexist with belief in God – both because and in spite of it.

As my love for God (as defined by islamic principles) grew, I began to explore hijab. The journey took me through toils and turmoils as I had no close hijabi friends. However, when I decided to testify, on 28 July 2012, that “there is no deity worthy of worship besides The One God and that Muhammad his The One God’s prophet and messenger,” I also began wearing hijab.

My struggle in learning to wrap led me to create hijab tutorials, basic styles aimed at converts and new hijabis. LoveGodDiversity deviated at that time: focussing mostly on hijab tutorials. I continued my tirade on the blog but spent much of my Islam exploring my and my community’s modesty and/or lackthereof.

In 2013, my faith was deeply tested with the deaths of my grandmother and of a close family friend, the end of a relationship, and culminated in moving to New Brunswick. I once again, was forced to step back. I came back out on the other side and decided to refocus.

I now have 54 hijab tutorials both on the blog and on Youtube, a few vlogs and many new blog posts.

And what can you expect in the next year? I plan on opening up more on the thorny topics that have intrigued, inspired and challenged me over the last 3 years since my conversion: homosexuality and islam, gender segregation, interfaith relationships, mariage, media coverage and social conversation about Islam and social justice. I will also be taking an honest look at my own theological studies and practices such as in my latest piece on my Ramadhan preparation.

In hopes that God guides me towards truth. Ameen.

One thought on “The Purpose of LoveGodDiversity

  1. What an inspirational story, as time gone by, the 4yrs is just like a day. May Almighty Allah guide and protect you. Ameen!



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