Stop telling me I look good without hijab!

“You look so much better without hijab!” reminds me that you – stranger, acquaintance, family member – have not bothered to get to know me beyond my appearance, have not considered the context in which I and we exist, do not realize the impact of your remark, and do not recognize that clothing choices can be and are political. Continue reading Stop telling me I look good without hijab!

Muslim men make my hijab haraam

I’ve talked a few posts back about the experience of being female and being subjected to hoot, hollers and howling: it bothers me… a lot! More recently, a friend discussed her desire to stop wearing hijab. Her reason? She has received more unsolicited comments on her appearance from men, in the form of cat calling and overt sexual interest, since wearing it than she has without. Some people were quick to blame her attitude, stating that she must be giving signs, opening herself up to it; others told her that hijab did in fact bring more attention on her than … Continue reading Muslim men make my hijab haraam

Ain’t No Hollaback Girl!

The sexual harrassment of females at the hand of males is nothing new and far too often, women are told that they are to the ones with the ability to control the harassment. Even worst, women are recurrently told that they should take harassment as a form of flatery. That is unnacceptable! Would you accept that your mother, sister or wife be harassed, touched our catcalled in your presence? Of course not! Then why is it implied that we should take it as a compliment when the comments are turned towards us? Luckily, the Qu’ran and multiple hadiths speak of … Continue reading Ain’t No Hollaback Girl!