A God of Grace & Mercy: Islam & 2sLGBTQ+ advocacy

I’m not a scholar of Islam: I have not memorized all of the verses of The Qu’ran; I don’t understand Classical/Qu’ranic Arabic; I have only passive knowledge of the accounts of Prophet Mohammad’s life [hadith]; and I certainly couldn’t give you a breakdown of Islamic jurisprudence [fiqh] on various matters.

Yet, many folks, well intentioned and not, have asked me to justify my support advocacy for Two-spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and other folks on the gender & sexuality spectrum (2sLGBTQ+) in light of my Muslim identity. Continue reading A God of Grace & Mercy: Islam & 2sLGBTQ+ advocacy

The Muslim Commonplace Book

I scrapbook. I also journal. I also like to highlight favourite quotes from books and wish I could write in the margin but feel guilty doing so. A Commonplace Book feels like a perfect fit for the kind of thoughtful journaling I want to do. Not a daily exploration of my innermost thoughts on the day’s events but rather a thoughtful introspection of the works and words that inspire and guide my daily life. Embellished, of course, by doodles lettering! Continue reading The Muslim Commonplace Book