Love conquers all?

My relationship has come to an end. It is incredibly saddening and devastating to see something you’ve worked incredibly hard and invested so much of your soul into fall appart. However, God knows that we’ve tried everything. The hardest part for me to accept that love doesn’t always conquer all. And in ways I still believe it does. I just know now that this may not have been the right kind of love to conquer our problems.

I put my faith entirely in God that He will guide me where and to whom I belong when the time is right. Meanwhile, I learn from every love gained and lost. From my ex, I  have learned to let the past go, let lost loves be lost and truly give yourself to your present. (Ironic much?) I have learned that having standards is good and that one should not sacrifice what feels right for what feels good. I became a Muslim with his help and support and will continue to be one with His Love and Support.
Because in the end, that’s what always holds true: God’s Love conquers all or at the very least God’s will, and since I believe in a God that is Most Compasionate, Most Merciful (Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim) I believe His will is one of Love. So I continue my journey through faith, through love, through life better, stronger, grown of my love for a man which has nurtured my love for the Creator.
May God keep us both happy and succesful, lead us to the straight path and lead us not astray.

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