Outgrow the Bullshit

What bullshit you may ask?

All the bullshit! Personal hangups, petty rivalries, unhealthy relationships, social pressures, others’ expectations… if it doesn’t empower me to grow, it’s got to go! I will no longer make space in my life for things that hold me back. Continue reading Outgrow the Bullshit

Hijabi-Elf: Christmas as a Muslim convert

I blame my mother who would celebrate everything from religious holidays, to birthdays, to end of semesters, and A+s on tests with cards, decorations and over-the-top enthusiasm. While I won’t go scavenging discount stores for “Congrats on your new job” cards every time one of my millennial friends finally get off unemployment, I did inherit her love of celebration. Continue reading Hijabi-Elf: Christmas as a Muslim convert

The Art of Giving

I am of the few looking forward to Christmas. Not because, to many Christian brothers and sisters, it is a time to remember the birth of Jesus the Christ–our Prophet Isa– or for many Pagan brothers and sisters it is a time of celebration of the solstice, nor for the Holy celebration of Chanukah for Jewish brothers and sisters. I respect all faith traditions, but the reason I look forward to this season is what most people abhor of the holy days: its heavy reliance on family time and gift giving. I realize that for many, it is a sad … Continue reading The Art of Giving