Tips for Covering Hair Loss [Alopecia]

Hair loss [known as Alopecia] can be caused by genetics, illness or Chemo therapy. Many wish to cover hair loss with bonnets, hats or scarves. Dutch-style head scarves are particularly attractive to Muslims and non-Muslims living with Alopecia. Here are some tips to go along with the covering

Scalp: Before adding any layer to your bare head, make sure your scalp is clean, dry and powdered. You can use baby powder or any other natural alternative to ensure residue, sweat and oils are absorbed.

Bonnets & hats: there are a number of bonnets and hats that are appropriate for people living with Alopecia. Avoid mesh or lace directly onto the skin to avoid rashes and irritation.

Scarves: Skin breathes better against natural fibre. Try to use scarves with natural fibre (e.g., silk or cotton) or mixed with a high percentage of natural fibre.

Under-scarves: When using mesh, lace or synthetic fabrics in hats, bonnets or scarves, it may be preferable to add a layer between the bare skin and synthetic fabric. Cotton tube under-scarves are ideal for this.

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