Let me introduce myself…

I’m a 20-something Franco-Anglophone from Canada. From a small town originally, I now live in the capital. Everything about my life so far has been a world of contradiction: between an over-the-top christian mom and my atheist/agnostic gay dad, my love for culture, languages and diversity in a town where speaking English was considered “diverse” and my desire for equality in a biased world.

For most of my teenage years, I have found myself to be agnostic, not sure where I belonged. Recently, I have grown fond of Islam. I have found some peace in the teachings of Islam. A group called Muslims for Progressive Values has helped me find a place where I fit in in my belief in God and for my belief in gender/sexual diversity and equality for all. This blog is for me a way of sharing my journey within Islam and within the LGBT community.

Finding a balance between love, God and Diversity is a difficult journey that I will take seriously but with a smile, and I encourage you to take part in it!

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