Pre-made hijabs

I don’t often wear pre-made Hijabs as I find they lack creativity and personality. However, when time is running short and I risk going late to an event, pre-made Hijabs come in pretty handy. They are usually only available at specialty stores of Islamic clothing and are available in a wide array of styles and colours. Here are some of the styles available:

Two-piece Al-Amira
The most commonly seen pre-made Hijab is the two-piece Al-Amira. It consists of a tube under-scarf and a matching tube-scarf. My favourite is my ruffles two-pieces Al-Amira but of course more basic styles can be used. I have been told in the past that the two-piece Al-Amira is most commonly worn by younger girls. Regardless, I love it for those out-the-door moments!

92656-snapshot_20120620_9 Pre-made Hijabs

One-piece Al-Amira
I’m sorry I don’t have any one-piece Al-Amira (yet). The one piece Al-Amira consists of one tube scarf much like step 2 of the two-piece. However, instead of a matching under-scarf, the one-piece Al-Amira comes “full equip” with a sewn-on cap-like front piece which covers the hair. It resembles the tube portion of the Kuwaiti hijab below.

Kuwaiti hijab
The Kuwaiti Hijab is a one-piece, two-steps Hijab which can look absolutely amazing and not at all like you just rolled out of bed (which admittedly, is often the case when I don this look). The first part of the hijab is a one piece tube which fits snuggly around the face (similar to the one-piece Al-Amira described above). To this tube is attached a much lighter scarf which can be wrapped around the head and neck and tied at will with pins or broaches. It’s a very easy look which is still sophisticated and classy.

Pre-made Hijabs a0642-snapshot_20120620_13


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