A mother’s love

Witnessing my father holding his mother’s hand at the hospital as she suffered multiple organ failure, I couldn’t help but think of the love family members have for one another. Love, even with family, it’s messy, it’s hard, it’s up and it’s down. There is no way to avoid it, with great love comes great emotions of every kind. Regardless of the words we speak or the actions we do in anger and in hate, that love is unconditional. It may be awkward, it may be silent, it may be difficult and painful, but it is love.

This unadulterated love I see my father and his siblings giving their mother is love that comes from hardship and hurt. I also see that love in my grandmother’s eyes. Love that comes from painful memories and heartfelt regrets.

“From God we become and to God is our return”

My father’s relationship with his mother and my grandmother’s relationship with her children was not one of sunshine and fuzzies, but it is one of love. As I sit by my grandmother’s side while she sleeps, I pray and hope that the family can find healing in these last moments of love.

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