A God of Grace & Mercy: Islam & 2sLGBTQ+ advocacy

I’m not a scholar of Islam: I have not memorized all of the verses of The Qu’ran; I don’t understand Classical/Qu’ranic Arabic; I have only passive knowledge of the accounts of Prophet Mohammad’s life [hadith]; and I certainly couldn’t give you a breakdown of Islamic jurisprudence [fiqh] on various matters.

Yet, many folks, well intentioned and not, have asked me to justify my support advocacy for Two-spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and other folks on the gender & sexuality spectrum (2sLGBTQ+) in light of my Muslim identity. Continue reading A God of Grace & Mercy: Islam & 2sLGBTQ+ advocacy

Ramadhan 2019

Last year, I struggled with Ramadhan, and winded up fasting only about half the days. I had to take things easy on myself as my mental health took a dive. I could not rely on my favourite exercise of faith to give me strength, and I saw Ramadhan 2019 approaching with almost a sense of dread. So, as Ramadhan approached, I didn’t have it in me to plan – my plans have been upended so many times before! Continue reading Ramadhan 2019

Learning to be gentle on my God-given body

{CW: mental illness, mention of suicide ideation}
My cousin’s passing, both sudden and tragic, has put much strain on both my physical and mental health. This turmoil, so close to Ramadhan, serves to put into perspective how fragile health can be.
God, in His Infinite Mercy has provided me with a functional body and mind as a vessel for my spirit in this temporary life [dunya]. This vessel remains, despite its remarkable ability, in need of tenderness and care. So while I am dedicated to holding the fast throughout Ramadhan, I have had, since day 1, to consider my responsibility towards my God-given body versus my dedication towards this personally important act of devotion. Continue reading Learning to be gentle on my God-given body