"Home-made" Ninja Under-Scarf

Peace and blessings everyone!

In many of the new Hijab tutorials I have seen online, I see more and more women wearing the “ninja” under-scarf which resembles the Al-Amira, one-piece Hijab which I discuss in the Pre-Made Hijabs article but much tighter around the neck and chest. Basically, the concept is to wear this under-scarf with hijab styles that may not offer the desired coverage of the neck and chest. Well, I don’t own a ninja under-scarf but I thought I could improvise one using a plain shawl. You will require one plain shawl (I advise plain, especially if you’re going to wear patterns, but really any shawl will do) and two or three straight or safety pins. Let’s get started!!!


STEP 1 – Fold the shawl so that the width covers your entire head Ninjabut no further
STEP 2 – Place the shawl on your head with the edge towards the front, about 2/3 of the way
STEP 3 – Knot your shawl at the nape of your neck
STEP 4 – Roll the shorter end around your bun
STEP 5 – Tuck the end under the “bonnet” created by the shawl on your head
STEP 6 – Fold the longer end of the scarf to the desired coverage width
STEP 7 – Bring the longer end towards the side of your head and pin behind your ear
STEP 8 – Pull your shawl across your chest and pin behind your other ear
STEP 9 – Pull the shawl in the back of your neck and tuck or pin where necessary

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