Quick Queue

Peace and blessings everyone,

This particular style is super simple, using only one square scarf, an under-scarf and a plastic elastic. It does not cover the neck or chest so if that’s something of importance for you, please consider wearing a turtle-neck shirt or a ninja under-scarf (or consider the “Home-made” version). Also consider some sort of volume contraption, this style definitely looks better with volume.

Let’s get started, shall we?


QuickQueue22STEP 1 – Fold the square scarf in half to shape a triangle
STEP 2 – Place the scarf on your head, centered, with the folded edge facing forward
STEP 3 – Tie the scarf at the back of your neck using a safety pin
STEP 4 – Bring all ends of the triangle (each side and the peak of the middle) onto one side
STEP 5 – Braid the three ends together
STEP 6 – Tie the end of the braid using an elastic (preferably one without a metal clasp)


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