Hijab Acadien!

Peace and blessings everyone!

Celebrating the 15th of August: Acadian Day!

Acadians are the descendants of40093_431736983585_7781168_n French settlers who came to populate the Atlantic coast of current day Canada in 1604. France gave l’Acadie away in 1710 and lived peacefully under British rule until 1755, when the British and New England militia deported Acadians during the Great Expulsion (Grand Dérangement). Many have come back to Acadia and inhabited it with their families, others have settled elsewhere, including Louisiana where the people adopted the name Cajuns. While Cajuns and Acadians have different distinct cultures, we also have a bond from our shared root.

So that was the history part. I’m an Acadian, born and raised and PROUD! So here’s a beautiful hijab using the colours of the Acadian flag: blue, white, red and of course the gold for the star.

To create this style you will need a blue ninja under-scarf or a blue shawl tied in tAcadienhe “Home-made” Ninja Under-Scarf style (I used the latter), a white shawl, a red shawl and a gold or yellow head band. You will also need a few straight pins.


STEP 1- Place the blue ninja (home-made or premade) onto your head
STEP 2- Place the gold/yellow headband onto your forehead
STEP 3- Place the white shawl on top of your head, centered
STEP 4- Tie the white shawl at the nape of your neck
STEP 5- Place and pin the red shawl onto your head, centered
STEP 6- Pull the right side of the red shawl to the left from the back
STEP 7- Flip it over your head and pin
STEP 8- Pull the left side of the red shawl to the right from the back
STEP 9- Flip it over your head and pin
STEP 10- Take both lose ends of the white shawl
STEP 11- Tie them over your head, crooked over on one side
STEP 12- Bunch the remaining lose ends of the white shawl, securing with straight pins along the way


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