Fouz Freedom

Peace and blessings,

A few weeks ago, I byFouzposted this picture collaboration between myself and hijabi artist, Fouz (Fouz Universe and J’ai un reve). A friend then asked me if I could replicate the hijab style on the right “in real life”. Well, I tried and I tried and figured it out. And now, I’m posting it for your hijab-ing pleasures!

For this beautifully  asymmetrical style, I suggest using a shawl of heavier fabric: this particular shawl is a spandex/cotton mix from D.S. Islamic Clothing. However, any heavier shawl, such as a viscose/pashmina shawl, will do. An under-scarf is necessary for pinning but volume is at your discretion!



Fouz FreedomSTEP 1 – Place the shawl on your head about 1/4 of the way
STEP 2 – Pin the shawl on both sides of your head, behind your ears
STEP 3 – Bring the shorter end of the shawl across your chest and under the longer end, pin
STEP 4 – Wrap the longer end of the shawl across your chest, lower than the shorter end, and up onto your head, pin on an angle.


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