Draped Darling

Peace and blessings everyone!

So I first noted this look on the All Things Hijab page which is a Irna Mutiara design from the 2010 Jakarta Fashion Show. I modified it slightly for my own personal taste. This look requires a shawl, many pins and an under-scarf to pin your shawl onto it. You can wear this look with or without extra volume (I am not wearing any in this one).


Draped Darling

STEP 1 – Place the shawl on your head at about 1/4 of the shawl
STEP 2 – Pin the shawl on each side of your head, behind each ear
STEP 3 – Bring the shorter end of the shawl across your chest, pin behind the head
STEP 4 – Place the necklace around your neck on top of the shorter (front) piece
STEP 5 – Fold the longer end of the shawl next to your ear and bring the shawl to your forehead
STEP 6 – Pin the shawl onto the top of your head (TIP: I usually use up to 3 pins)
STEP 7 – Bring the shawl around your head, folding at a similar height at your ear
STEP 8 – Secure the shawl at several heights in the back of your head


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