Turban or not turban

Peace and blessings everybody!

Wow! I never expected my hijab tutorial for men to gather so many views! You are troopers! Thank you so so *so* much! So here’s another hijab tutorial that’s probably too eccentric for some but I love it. It takes absolutely no time to tie and I think it looks fantastic.

All you’ll need is one shawl, an under-scarf and one to two pins. This style only allows to wear one earring (?) but that certainly can give it quite the look at times, so I advise to give it a try!


Turban or not turbanSTEP 1 – Place the edge of the shawl on your head, pinning one corner at the center of your head
STEP 2 – Wrap the shawl around your head, across your chest then towards the back
STEP 3 – Pull the shawl flat over your head (this should create a “hood” on one side)
STEP 4 – Twist the shawl onto the side where the “hood” was created
STEP 5 – Bring the twisted shawl all around your head, if you are wearing volume, you’ll want to place the twist under your volumizer
STEP 6 – Tuck the end of the fabric under the beginning of the twist. Adjust the fabric to get the appropriate amount of coverage


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