Marge Simpson

Peace and blessings,

This is the final tutorial of the Costumed Hijabi series – at least for this year. I’ve had lots of fun doing these and seriously hope to be doing more themed tutorials. Please visit the Costumed Series page for all the previous costumes. For those wondering, yes, this IS the look I will be rocking this Halloween, God willing! 🙂 Here’s how to do it:

You need one blue shawl, one blue under-scarf, two volume bobbles and some pins.


Marge SimpsonSTEP 1 – Place a ponytail atop your head and the first bobble over it
STEP 2 – Place the second bobble on top of the first and place the under-scarf over as much of the bobbles as possible
STEP 3 – Fold one corner of the shawl into a triangle
STEP 4 – Place the top of the triangle at the top of the bobble tower and pin both sides behind your head
STEP 5 – Wrap the shawl around the bobble tower
STEP 6 – Secure the shawl all over the bobble tower with pins (TIP: by really wedging the pins in you will create waves, making it look slightly more like hair)


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