Tangled in a twist

Peace and blessings everyone,

Happy Festival of the Sacrifice (Eid Al-Adha). For this special occasion I wanted to show you an everyday tutorial. To complete this look you will need a maxi scarf, an under-scarf and 2 to 3 pins.


STEP 1 – Place the width of the scarf onto your head
STEP 2 – Pin the scarf behind your head, pinning both layers together
STEP 3 – Bring the lenght of the scarf in fron of you and wrap in front of your chest
STEP 4 – Continue wrapping scarf over your head
STEP 5 – Twist remaining lenght of scarf around your bun
STEP 6 – Continue twisting around your bun, secure under previous layers or pinsHijab Tutorial 26-001


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