Fancy Flowy Flirty

Peace and blessings everyone!

I wanted to play with scarves that would match the dress and undershirt that I am wearing, so I picked up two scarves and made it happen! Using one shawl as an under-scarf is an easy way to add to your under-scarf collection.

So this style is two-parts: the under-scarf –in this case the white shawl–  and the cover scarf –the navy blue scarf. You could definitely use the cover style with a different under-scarf and the under-scarf style by itself or with a different cover, but together: they are gorgeous! So let’s get it started!!!


Hijab under-scarf-001Under-scarf
STEP 1 – Fold the shawl to have one small strip and pin upon your forehead
STEP 2 – Unfold the shawl so it covers your entire head
STEP 3 – Twisting it at the back, roll the fabric around your head
STEP 4 – Take the front strip of fabric and pull it under the layers of wrapped fabric

hijab tutorial 27-001Cover Style
STEP 1 – Place the cover shawl on your head 1/4 of the way
STEP 2 – Stretch the shawl straight near your face, pin the shawl away from the edge under your ear at the edge of the under-scarf (on both sides)
STEP 3 – Pull the longer side of the shawl in front of your chest, under the shorter side
STEP 4 – Wrap the shawl over your head and secure with a pin
STEP 5 – Take the front of the shawl –near your face– and pull it back to the back of your ears (on both sides)
STEP 6 – Secure the second layer of the shawl at the front with a pin or broach

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