Sailor Moon

Peace and Blessings everybody,

As we are approaching Halloween, I’m offering you one of my favorite styles: pigtails! Of course to really bring in the Pigtail style, I wanted to give it some more style so here it is as part of a Sailor Moon costume!!!

You will need one gold or yellow shawl, a yellow under-scarf and some pins. Accessorize with a blue shawl over a white shirt, a cute skirt, a red bow and some red gems for the hair and “headband” (I don’t have the bow or the gems).


Sailor Moon Hijab TutorialSTEP 1 – Fold the shawl to fit your head, center and place on head
STEP 2 – Bring the shawl from the back and pin in front of your ears (both sides)
STEP 3 – Take the front of the shawl and pin behind your ears over the back layer (both sides)
STEP 4 – Knot the shawl on each side where you wish to see the pigtail
STEP 5 – Pin the knots high one each side




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