Power Ranger

Peace and blessings everyone,

I wanted to have one costume that can be used as a group costume. So I looked in my box of TV shows, movies and games and remembered the gem that was The Power Rangers. I figured I could replicate the Rangers’ helmet in a Niqab-like headpiece.

To do this you will need one shawl, a vizor (used in many turkish-style hijabs), straight pins and electric tape.


Power RangerSTEP 1 – Place the shawl 1/4 of the way on your forehead
STEP 2 – Ensure the shawl is straight across on your forehead, secure with pins
STEP 3 – Add the plastic vizor in front of your eyes
STEP 4 – Pull the sides of the shawl on top of the vizor, secure under the chin with a pin
STEP 5 – Wrap the long end of the shawl to the back of you head
STEP 6 – Pull the shawl above your mouth and nose, just below the vizor
STEP 7 – Use 4 pieces of electric tape, shaped into a rectangle, and place around the vizor
STEP 8 – Use 3 pieces of tape, juxtaposed, shaped as a mouth piece, place overtop mouth


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