Renaissance Woman

Peace and blessings,

So my costumes have touched comics, video games and movies so to shake things up a little I’ve decided to do an era look. What’s more hijabi looking than renaissance women? Women in long-sleeved, floor-length dresses, head covered, long shawls… so here it is:You will need two shawls, one as the under-scarf and the other as the decorative shawl. You will also need a cardboard circle to be used as a crown-like hat thing, preferably matching the under-scarf shawl.

AsSeenYouTubeSTEP 1 – Place shawl on your head 1/3 of the way, fold edge if necessary

Renaissance Hijab Tutorial

STEP 2 – Knot the shawl at the back of the head
STEP 3 – Twist the shorter end at the back to form a small bun
STEP 4 – Wrap the longer end around your neck
STEP 5 – Place one edge of the Renaissance Hijab Tutorial2decorative shawl through the circle
STEP 6 – Create a large loop by placing the other edge on the opposite side of the circle



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