Princess Leia

Peace and blessings everyone!

The third of the Costumed series. We’ve done comic books, video games and now we’re going movies. The Star Wars franchise is one of the most successful movie franchise to ever have been, and its one famous female character, Princess Leia, that can be copied fairly well by hijabis. Especially her abaya-like white dress! So here’s how to do it: You’ll need a black or dark brown shawl, a matching under-scarf and four or five pins.


PrincessLeia-hijab tutorial
STEP 1 – Place the shawl evenly on your head, folded so it fits the length of your head
STEP 2 – Pin the shawl in place on each side of your head where the buns should be
STEP 3 – Twist one side of the shawl
STEP 4 – Twirl the end of the shawl into a bun and tuck the end
STEP 5 – Repeat STEP 3 & 4 on the other side
STEP 6 – Secure both buns with pins



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