Cap’ed Cutie

Peace and blessings everyone,

As the fall arrives we take out warmer scarves and brave rain, snow and warmth within the same day. This style uses a cotton shawl which is an amazing fabric for fall, warm for the freezing weather, but breathable for the warmer weather. I’ve combine this look with a simple cap from Ardene’s (consult how to: colour combination for some tips on matching your scarf, cap and under-scarf). I love this for rainy days, especially when I wear my glasses – finally featured in a tutorial.


STEP 1 – Place the cotton shawl over your under-scarf with one long and one short end
STEP 2 – Pin the shawl behind your ears
STEP 3 – Bring the longer end of the shawl in front of your chest
STEP 4 – Pull the shawl over the back of your head
STEP 5 – Bring the shawl in front of your cheat a second time, secure with a pin
STEP 6 – Place the cap over your head, covering the side pinCapedCutie24


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