Tikka Khobsurat

Peace and blessings everyone,

This style uses a Tikka, a shawl and an under-scarf. This shawl is slightly heavier, sometimes wrongfully called Pashmina, but it works well for the fall.


STEP 1 – Secure the tikka using straight pins onto your under-scarf
STEP 2 – Place the shawl on your head, about 1/3 of the way
STEP 3 – Secure the shawl behind both your ears using pins
STEP 4 – Bring the shorter end in front of your chest, securing behind your ear
STEP 5 – Wrap the longer end in front of your chest and over yoru head
STEP 6 – Secure the second layer of scarf with straight pins (adding folds is optional)TikkaKhobsurat25


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