Gracious Greek

Peace and blessings everyone,

I sometimes miss the first year of university days which included toga parties amongst other things. To remind myself of those, I tried getting inspired by the Grecian looks (we’re talking ancient Greece, of course). Finding the right headband was the first step. I used a headband found at Aerie — yes, the underwear store; further proof that you can get good accessories anywhere if you really look! I’ve combined it with a gorgeous Maxi scarf and a matching under-scarf (see how to: colour combination). I’ve added a flower clip under my under-scarf to add volume, this will pull the look together.



STEP 1 – Pin the headband onto the under-scarf so that it dangles just above your eyebrows
STEP 2 – Place the Maxi scarf onto your head with one short and one long end
STEP 3 – Pin the scarf behind your head, at the back of your neck
STEP 4 – Bring the layers of the scarf onto your head creating volume
STEP 5 – Pin the extra layers behind your head
STEP 6 – Leave some loose fabric and pin behind your head
STEP 7 – Bring forward the long end of the scarf in front of your chest
STEP 8 – Pull the scarf over your head, leaving the layers exposed
STEP 9 – For extra support, pin the top layer behind each ear


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