Over/Under Scarf

Peace and blessings everyone,

In my last information post, I talked about under-scarves. I stated using under-scarves as accessories to your scarf and here is a style that does just that provided you coordinate colours well! This particular style uses one long shawl and two tube under-scarves. The base under-scarf could be any style of under-scarf and the second one can be tube or headband. Adjust to your style and look.


Tutorial 20-001STEP 1 – Place the shawl on your head at one end of the shawl, over your under-scarf
STEP 2 – Secure the shawl at the nape of your neck using a safety pin
STEP 3 – Place a tube under-scarf or headband over the first layer of shawl
STEP 4 – Pull the shawl in front of your chest, drape as your liking
STEP 5 – Pull the shawl on top of your head
STEP 6 – Pin the shawl on both sides


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