Sheer Beauty

Peace and blessings everyone,

This is the tutorial uses two shawls, a matte gray shawl and a sheer (hence the title) lace black shawl. I love this style as it is beautiful and on a good windy fall days, it flows in the wind and looks great.

A good under-scarf is necessary since two scarves can be heavy. I’ve also added a flower pin to the back of my head for volume. Personalize this style with the colours you wish (and let me know how it turns out).


STEP 1 – Place the matte shawl on your head with one very short sheerbeautyend and one longer end
STEP 2 – Knot the matte shawl at the back of your head
STEP 3 – Place and knot the sheer shawl in the same way
STEP 4 – Take both short ends twist together and place at the back of the bun
STEP 5 – Bring the long end of the matte shawl in front of your chest and wrap over your head, secure  behind each ear
STEP 6 – Bring the long end of the sheer shawl over your head, secure behind ears


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