Pretty pleats

Peace and blessings everyone,

So as you may have gathered, I try to draw inspiration from everything and everyone around me. Since I love bollywood and indo-pakistani culture, this scarf style is drawn from the technique used to tie on a Saree (one day, I will own a Saree and do a tutorial about it). For this particular tutorial I’m using a Maxi scarf and an under-scarf. Unfortunately, you can’t get this style done without either, but I swear it look great and fun and puts a variation in your headscarf look! 😉 So let’s get this started!!!


STEP 1 – Place the scarf on your head at one edge, length-wise
STEP 2 – Pin both sides of the scarf at the back of your head
STEP 3 – Pull the length of the scarf in front of you
STEP 4 – Make pleats in the scarf to reach near the top of your head
STEP 5 – Pin through the pleats at the top of your head, offset to the side
STEP 6 – Bring all the fabric to the back of your head, fix the pleats, secure with pins as needed
STEP 7 – Pin the extra fabric at the nape of your neck
STEP 8 – Pull the left over fabric to the front of you
STEP 9 – Separate the pleats of the scarf, just take one side of the scarf
STEP 10 – Wrap the scarf around your head, secure with pins
STEP 11 – Adjust wrapping and coverage Pretty Pleats


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