Gele Glamourous

Peace and blessings everybody,

I love everything that’s different, especially if it’s also colourful or shiny. African headwraps, or Gele in Yoruba, are colourful and sometimes shiny and they are certainly different from my usual headscarves! This is why I decided to get inspired by them to create this look. This shawl is incredibly small, but colourful — a shout out to my queer brothers and sisters as this weekend happens to be Capital Pride here, in Ottawa. I can’t claim that this head wrap is in any way a true traditional African head wrap or Gele, but I did love looking at all the different style out there and the inspiration they provided. I hope this inspires you too!


STEP 1 – Place the shawl, centred, Tutorial 18on the back of your head
STEP 2 – Knot the shawl at the front
STEP 3 – Pull both sides of the shawl together to ensure full coverage
STEP 4 – Take one of the lose ends of the shawl, secure with a straight pin slightly to the side
STEP 5 – Take the second lose end and secure on the head, centred
STEP 6 – Take one end and create a loop
STEP 7 – Pull loop back so that it looks even
STEP 8 – Secure the loop in the middle using a straight pin
STEP 9 – Take the second end, create a loop
STEP 10 – Secure the second loop in the middle using a straight pin


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