Easy Chic

Peace and blessings everyone!

This style is super easy, comfortable and classy. You will need one shawl, preferably a light, chiffon shawl, an under-scarf or head band and four or five straight pins. I’ve added a flower broach for style, but that’s optional. For extra coverage, you can use a ninja under-scarf OR another shawl wrapped in the “Home-Made” Ninja Under-Scarf style. Let’s get started!!!


STEP 1 – Place shawl on your EasyChichead at the very end of one shawl
STEP 2 – Pin the shawl on each side, behind each ears
STEP 3 – Wrap your shawl around your head
STEP 4 – Continue to wrap the shawl around your head… do so until all the shawl has been wrapped, secure with a straight pin
STEP 5 – Take one layer of the hanging end of the shawl, pull it to the side, twist and pin
STEP 6 – Take the second layer and repeat, pinning below the previous bun
STEP 7 – Take the third layer and repeat, pinning below the second bun


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