Believing in spite of science

There has been lots of talk lately about the Higgs Boson or “God particle”. From my understanding, this particle comes to explain the Big Bang and other concepts in physics.

What has been interesting in the discovery of the Higgs Boson is the religious debate revolving around this discovery. So many claim that now that we can scientifically explain the Big Bang, there is no reason to wonder “who lit the match”. God, has no reason for being if science can explain the universe…

A friend of mine asked me this week: do you still believe in God in spite of science? Here’s my answer on that one: I don’t believe in God in spite of science, but BECAUSE of science. The universe, this universe is full of coincidences. For example, in order for life to be maintained, this planet has to be the perfect size so that its gravity doesn’t crush us nor leaves us loose in the universe, it has to have the perfect breathable air, which is achieved by plants creating the oxygen required by using the Co2 emissions from humans and animals. The human body is a perfect machine of genes and neurotransmitters. While free will makes us imperfect, we have to admit, looking at the world around us, that we live in a seemingly perfect world.

Now if I “ran into” my ex 12 times in one day, I would stop assuming it is a coincidence and start thinking there may be some intention behind it all. While looking at this perfect, explainable universe, I can’t help but believe it is more than a coincidence: this world, these creatures, the human body, they are overall too perfect not to be intentionally so.

Some may say “but there are tornadoes, diseases, etc. How is that perfect?” Science relies on the greater scheme of things not on individual cases. Smoking causes lung cancer, it’s a well-known fact. Just because someone has smoked their entire life and hasn’t gotten lung cancer, or just because someone has gotten lung cancer in spite of never smoking in their life, this doesn’t disprove the correlation. Just because there are less than perfect situations doesn’t mean that we don’t have a rather perfect planet. Tornadoes and diseases cannot be avoided but they have their own reason of being such as remaking the environmental landscape or be caused by environmental toxins.

So here it is, I don’t believe in God in spite of science. I believe in God because science has proven to me that the world is too perfect not to believe in a higher power!


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