Ciiiiircle of life!

Peace and blessings everybody!

In this particular style, I’ve used a headband along with an infinity scarf instead of an under-scarf, just to prove that it can be done. Of course this is better when your scarf isn’t see-through like mine.  Well, let’s do it!


STEP 1 – Place the scarf on your head with the hoop in front of you.
STEP 2 – Pin the scarf behind each of your ears
STEP 3 – Cross the scarf in front of you
STEP 4 – Bring the hoop behind you
STEP 5 – Pull on the bottom layer of the criss-cross and drape to get the desired coverage
STEP 6 – Pull the upper layer your head, leaving the larger part of the hoop on the opposite side
STEP 7 – With your hand, gather the scarf in a ponytail-like end near your ear
STEP 8 – Make a hoop with the fabric
STEP 9 – Pull a small end of the fabric through the hoop
STEP 10 – Tighten the hoop and secure with pins

You can make as many “flowers” of fabric as you want leaving more or less of the scarf for coverage. It’s a great way to avoid having too many layers or very long layers. Clearly, I made this style using a headband but it could also be done using an under-scarf or the Basic Scarf Bun. DSCF3668


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