Knot your typical headscarf

Peace and blessings everybody!

To do this style you need a long shawl. You might also want an under-scarf to keep the shawl from slipping, but it’s optional in this style!


STEP 1 – put the shawl on your head about 1/3 of the wayknottypical
STEP 2 – knot the shawl at the nape of your neck ensuring that you have one long end and one shorter end
STEP 3 – Drape the longer end over your head
STEP 4 – Now pass the longer end behind your head, ensuring to pull it under the knot (leaving the shorter end free)
STEP 5 – Twist the remainder of the longer end
STEP 6 – Pull the twisted end over the top of your head
STEP 7 – Twist the shorter end of your scarf
STEP 8 – Knot both ends together

You can also knot both ends without the twist for a smoother finish! Visit my portfolio for a closer look at this style!!!


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