Totally Twisted Turbans

Peace and blessings everybody!

Turbans are fabulous, amazing and beautiful and they can be used as head scarf or under-scarf or as a headband for non-Hijabis! All you need is a long shawl, and of course the twist! šŸ™‚ Let’s get started!


STEP 1 – Take the edge of a long shawl and place it on the nape of TwistedTurbanyour neck (Tip: if you have a scarf with fringe, fold the edge so that the fringes are on the inside and not eventually in your face)
STEP 2 – Bring both corners of the shawl to your forehead, secure with pin

STEP 3 – Twist or fold the scarf at the very front so that it fits tightly around your head
STEP 4 – Pull the long end of your scarf to the left, right over your left ear
STEP 5 – Bring the scarf behind your head, place the scarf above your right ear and back to the front
STEP 6 – Continue pulling the scarf to left, placing it over your left ear (this gives it a criss-cross look)
STEP 7 – Bring the scarf behind your head then on your right ear (whereas before you had placed it above your right ear)
STEP 8 – Tuck the remaining end into previous layers!


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