My Ramadhan Prep Doesn’t Include Food Training

There is no doubt that Ramadhan is physically demanding. During 30 days, believers are requested to abstain from dawn until sunset from food, water, smoke, sex, anger and cursing. However, God is Merciful and this is why the Qu’ran has special injunctions for those physically susceptible such as children, women on their menses, pregnant women, the old, the ill and the travelers. In previous years, my preparation for this holy month included meal planning, purchasing kitchen appliances (God bless the slow cooker) and reducing my daily food and water intake. My stomach, not my soul, always felt ready to take … Continue reading My Ramadhan Prep Doesn’t Include Food Training

The Politics of “Salaams”

No one is safe from judgements. Judgements are not reserved for any specific group of people – women, men, muslims, atheists – we all face our fair share of them. We often make snap judgements within the first moments of making an acquaintance. My pet peeve, however: greeting a stranger with good wishes and receiving a stare up, down, a pause and a cold “hi”. Continue reading The Politics of “Salaams”

Going viral: how social justice spread in my social media use

When I launched my YouTube channel in 2012, I had no intentions of touching controversial matters: I simply wanted to provide simple tutorials and resources for new hijabis. I was a new hijabi and, on top of the lack of styling resources, I quickly found myself ill-prepared for just how controversial hijab itself would be. Within the first months, I allowed myself to be swept into endless debate on the appropriateness of coloured hijab or of being a feminist hijabi or a hijabi who supports the rights gender and sexual minorities. Everything from how, where and who with I wore … Continue reading Going viral: how social justice spread in my social media use