Hijabi-Elf: Christmas as a Muslim convert

I blame my mother who would celebrate everything from religious holidays, to birthdays, to end of semesters, and A+s on tests with cards, decorations and over-the-top enthusiasm. While I won’t go scavenging discount stores for “Congrats on your new job” cards every time one of my millennial friends finally get off unemployment, I did inherit her love of celebration. Continue reading Hijabi-Elf: Christmas as a Muslim convert

Look Back on Ramadhan 2015

With the institutionalized mysoginy I have experienced in the Muslim community this Ramadhan, it goes without saying that the 30 days of Ramadhan were more a test of faith than a test of will. Low point: the feeling of isolation when faced with a new partition in the Islamic centre’s community room. High point: the strength and kindness of true Islamic sisterhood. Besides the emotional roller coaster I’ve experienced, I had set clear goals for myself this Ramadhan, here is how I fared: New Dedication to the 5 Daily Prayers With a new alarm clock blaring the call to prayer … Continue reading Look Back on Ramadhan 2015