Ramadhan Game: a snack, a verse, and a gesture

Ramadhan is just a few days away, and though it hasn’t quite hit me, it is high time I begin to prep.

MosquesWhile Ramadhan 2015 had its highs and its lows, it was definitely marked by sisterhood, and especially Eren’s sisterhood. As she has moved to Toronto, I have been forced to reimagine Ramadhan 2016 to accommodate new plans and new ways to experience community.

List all the local Mosques, Musallahs and MSAs (Muslim Student Associations)

I’ve created a list of all the local mosques, musallahs and MSAs of all denomination. Many offer breaking of the fast meals [iftaar], five daily prayers [salaat], evening prayers [Taraweeh] and night prayers [Tahajjud]. My goal this year is to attend as many of the local community centres as I can.

Create an Event Calendar

MuslimLink generally provides a list of all local iftaars advertised in the Ottawa region during Ramadhan. With the help of their listings, I will create a calendar of the different iftaars and special events offered during the Holy Month.

Round up the Troups

Many of my Muslim friends will be celebrating with family. However, some may find time to spend one evening or another with me. To make sure I have access to them and they to me, I have created a Facebook group for myself and my friends where I will advertised which community event I will be attending in the hopes that I may garner some company. Many have already stated their interest in getting to know news community centres and have even invited me to attend their own. This will be a great opportunity to have companionship while navigating new spaces.

I’m also bringing back my Ramadhan 2015 resolutions and updating some for 2016:

  • Pray 5 daily prayers
  • Introduce more voluntary prayer (du’a, Salaat al-fard, Itikaf, Taraweeh, and/or Tahhajjud)
  • Reading the Qu’ran in order of revelation
  • Memorize a new chapter of the Qu’ran (The Disbelievers [al-Kaafiroon, 109] and The Daybreak [al-Falaq, 113])



Finally, I also want to involve my greater internet family by creating a RAMADHAN ADVENT CALENDAR:

In the comments, write

  • one food item (anything but turnips or coffee);
  • a Qu’ranic verse, hadith or concept (kindness, happiness, love, etc); and,
  • a kind gesture and I will write them on my special Ramadhan calendar.

Each day, I will integrate the snack, the verse and the kind gesture into my routine.

God willing, this will allow me to feel the presence of my brothers and sisters, my friends and followers, across the country, the continent, and the world. I look forward to your suggestions.

May we all have success, this Ramadhan, God willing.

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