Banana Split

Peace and blessings everybody,

Sometimes, hijab styles happen by mistake, and I am one who likes to embrace mistakes. The Banana Split is the result of one of those mistakes : two shawl and an early morning made me want to flip my scarf off! Luckily, it turned out alright! So two shawls, an under-scarf (or two in the winter) and a couple of pins and off you go:


SPlit Hijab TutorialSTEP 1– Place shawl 1 centered on your head
STEP 2– Cross one end across your chest and under the other end
STEP 3– Wrap it over your head and pin
STEP 4– Place shawl 2 off-centre, longer end (about two-third of the shawl) on the same side as the lose end of shawl 1
STEP 5– Flip the loose end of shawl 1 back and wrap onto your head, pin onto place
STEP 6– Wrap the longer end of shawl 2 in front of your chest, under the shorter end of shawl 2 and end of shawl 1
STEP 7– Place shawl 2 behind it all and pin for a beautiful “split” effect


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