Proud Rainbow Hijabi

Peace and blessings everyone!

999288_10151986087418586_302561945_nI’ve never hid that I am the extremely proud daughter of a wonderful gay man. I love my father very much and am proud to be sharing in Pride events with him or alongside him. In 2014, I marched in Capital Pride’s (Ottawa) Pride Parade with The Ottawa Network for Spiritual Progressives contingent organized by Muslims for Progressive Values and Faith House Ottawa.

I walked in this fabulous gettup which included a $20 dress from Fairweather, a light purple turtleneck, 6 under-scarves, a light jersey shawl, a volumizer and a fantastic head piece from Freshy.

While it doesn’t have to be a rainbow, combining under-scarves are a great way to create fabulous styles with little efforts. Here is how to piece this together:


Rainbow Hijab TutorialSTEP 1–Begin by securing the look with a cotton under-scarf and a volumizer
STEP 2–Add the red(a), orange(b) and yellow(c) under-scarves with a half inch of each showing
STEP 3–Place and secure your head candy over the yellow under-scarf
STEP 4–Add the green(a), blue(b) and purple(c) under-scarves over the head candy
STEP 5–Place one end of the shawl behind the purple under-scarf, secure with a straight pin
STEP 6–Wrap the shawl loosely in front of your chest and onto your head and secure with a straight pin


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