Hooded Dress Hijab

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Around the holidays, my workplace held a “Seasonal Party” for all its employees for which most of my colleagues and myself decided to dress fancier than our usual work garb. I picked a lovely dress from Sirens that I hadn’t gotten a chance to wear out yet and decided to get a little original with the way I’d wear it. See, the dress was originally designed to have a long, very deep cut down the middle creating a high-fashion “boob valley” cut or a deep V in the back. Either way, I didn’t want to wear it like that and decided instead to bring the cut higher which would create a hood, and I wanted to use the hood as part of my hijab. I sketched out an idea of what I’d like to see using jewelry I’d seen and some that I already owned. I managed to pull it off and here’s how you can recreate the look at home.

You’ll need a hooded dress (duh!), a coloured or white chiffon shawl, a 3pc headband (mine is from Claire’s Accessory) and a single rhinestones headband (from Aldo Accessory), a couple of straight pins, an underscarf and a volumizer.


HoodedHijabSTEP 1 – Place 3pcs headband and single headband over underscarf, with the volumizer over the headbands at the back of the head
STEP 2 – Place one end the chiffon shawl, pinned on each side of your head
STEP 3 – Drape the chiffon shawl over your chest, wrap over your head and pin on each side
STEP 4 – Pull the hood of the dress over your head
STEP 5 – Pin the hood of the dress over the white shawl, leaving half an inch of white fabric to show



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