Roarin’ Hijabi

Peace and blessings everybody,

Looking for a hijab style for a “Roaring Twenties” themed party, a friend of mine made a special request. I managed this quick style that’s both beautiful and delightfully era appropriate using a simple shawl, a head band and some feather and broaches as accessories.

The key to matching the extravaganza of the Great Gatsby/1920s flappers style is sleek lines and asymmetrical flash, feathers, etc. This is a simple double-braid head band but for a classic look, use a pearl headband or appliqué head band.


STEP 1 – Place the shawl on your head at about 1/3 of the way
STEP 2 – Wrap the scarf behind your head onto the side and twist or knot
STEP 3 – Take the long end of the shawl and wrap it in front of your chest
STEP 4 – Continue wrapping it behind your head and secure at the nape of your neck
STEP 5 – Place your headband on your head below the knot
STEP 6 – Create a hoop with the shorter end of the shawl
STEP 7 – Pull some fabric into the loop leaving some loose ends
STEP 8 – Secure the loops onto the scarf, add earrings, feathers, brooches, etc.Roarin'Hijabi-001


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