Layin’ it thick

Peace and blessings everyone,

Here’s a new hijab tutorial for you that can easily be done with any shawl! 🙂 All you’ll need is one shawl, an under-scarf, a volumizer and about 6 straight pins. I will try to get a few videos ahead of time so that there is no delay anymore. Please forgive the yellow-ness of the video… something my camera decided to do on its own and no time to re-tape!


STEP 1 – Place one end of the shawl on your head
STEP 2 – Pin the shawl behind your head
STEP 3 – Bunch the shawl at the front of your head
Tutorial 47STEP 4 – Pin the edge of the shawl behind your head
STEP 5 – Pull the longer end of the shawl in front of your chest and around your chin and pull over your head
STEP 6 – Pin the shawl on your under-scarf, behind the “bunched” part of your shawl
STEP 7 – Pull the “bunched” shawl over the pin and cover the gap completely, secure with a pin
STEP 8 – Secure the side to ensure there is no gaps


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