Birthday Princess

Peace and blessings!

I’m officially turning a quarter of century this week (feel free to wish me happy birthday on my Facebook page) and as per tradition, I will be wearing my birthday tiara. So not only did I require a special birthday look but I required a special birthday look which would look fabulous with my tiara!

Luckily the lovely sister at Modest Muslimah Clothing introduced me to her wonderful spring collection of maxi scarves! This particular style really requires a maxi scarf to truly get the look. Because you’re going to layer the scarf a lot, it’s best if you can get a maxi similar to Modest Muslimah scarves: very light, loosely-threaded cotton (or order them online).


STEP 1 – Place the maxi scarf centered on your head
STEP 2 – Pin the scarf at the nape of your neck
STEP 3 – Place the tiara/headband on your head
STEP 4 – Take the edge of one scarf, pull the scarf to the top of your Tutorial 43head and pin where your scarf meets the middle of your head
STEP 5 – Repeat step 4 with the other side of the scarf
STEP 6 – Take the middle of one scarf edge and pull across your chest. Pin besides both sides of your head (behind your ears if you have glasses)
STEP 7 – Take the edge of the second side of the scarf, bring it behind your head and flip it over your head, pin just over where both sides meet on the top of your head. For more volumes, bring more folds up top


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