Little Tressed Riding Hood

Peace and blessings everyone,

As you *may* have noticed, I like to change my hijab to fit my mood and my clothing. This is why I love this style because it is so easily customizable to any occasion.

You will need two shawls of approximately the same length (see article on colour coordination), a head band, a hair elastic or a decorative hair band, and two pins.


STEP 1 – Place the 1st shawl on your head, centered
STEP 2 – Tie the shawl at the nape of your neck
STEP 3 – Pull on end of the shawl across your chest and around your head, secure with pin
[As an alternative, the ends can be twisted in bun if the extra chest coverage is unnecessary]
STEP 4 -Place a head band on your head, above the knot, leaving the lose strand free
little tressed riding hoodSTEP 5 – Place the 2nd shawl on your head, slightly longer on the side opposite the loose strand
STEP 6 – Pull the longer side of the 2nd shawl behind your head, leaving some fabric lose to create the “hood” illusion
STEP 7 РTake all three strands from the 1st and 2nd shawls, and braid them, leaving some looseness in the 2nd shawl
STEP 8 – Secure the braid with an elastic or a hair band

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