Fabulous Flop

Peace and blessings everybody,

To re-create this look, you will simply need a shawl, a necklace and a few pins! 🙂


Fabulous flop - hijab tutorialSTEP 1 – Place the shawl on your head, about one third of the way
STEP 2 – Pull the longer end behind your head and under the shorter end
STEP 3 – Take the shorter end and pull it under your chin, leaving the longer end free
STEP 4 – Pull the shorter end over your head and secure with pin
STEP 5 – Place a necklace or tikka on your head, leaving the pendant to fall between your eyebrows
STEP 6 – Flip the longer end of the shawl and wrap over your head

[Tip: make sure that this last layer covers any unsightly end of your nicklace or tikka]


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