Three-Layer Niqab

Peace and blessings everyone,

A sister from Youtube asked me to create a shawl version of a Three-Layer Niqab. I showed a Niqab style earlier and as I mentionned then: I am not a niqabi. However, for the sake of knowledge, I am happy to show her and everyone how to achieve the three-layer niqab without using a pre-made shawl. Now for those who are (like I was) unfamiliar with the three-layer niqab, it is in essence a Niqab which has an added sheer layer in front of the eyes.

You will need one long sheer shawl. A lighter-, solid-coloured shawl is preferable for visibility. You may also need an opaque under-scarf.


Three-layer niqabSTEP 1 – Place one edge of the shawl on your forehead just above your eyebrows
STEP 2 – Fold the shawl in half width-wise
STEP 3 – Place the opposite edge of the shawl on your forehead in front of your eyes
STEP 4 – Separate the layers of the scarf at the folded edge to create a loop
STEP 5 – Pass the loop over your head ensuring not to cross the top layer
STEP 6 – Pull the top of loop over your head
STEP 7 – Secure the eye layer onto the sides with pins
STEP 8 – From the area near your ear, fold the side of the loop lengthwise
STEP 9 – Pull the folded side fabric over your mouth, secure with pins


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