Sweet side twist

eace and blessings everyone,

On October 19th, 2012, I posted the video A Muslim Message of Peace on Spirit Day on my YouTube channel. I’ve received a number of positive responses and a few requests to see how the style was done. So here it is!

To get it done you will need one shawl, some pins and one elastic. In the video I’ve accessorized with an under-scarf and a flower brooch (see article on colour coordination for ideas).


STEP 1 – Place the shawl on your head with one long and one shorter end
STEP 2 – Knot the shawl on the side of your head
STEP 3 – Take the long end of the shawl under the shorter one and pull the shall across your chest
STEP 4 – Wrap the long end over your head
STEP 5 – Secure the shawl with a pin near the knot
STEP 6 – Twist both ends of the shawl
STEP 7 – Twirl both twisted ends together
STEP 8 – Tie the end of the twist with an elastic
(TIP: use a non-clasp elastic as the claps can tear threads from the shawl)Sweet side twist


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