Peace and blessings everyone!

For the second look of the Costumed Hijabi series I’ve decided to try and replicate LINK from the Zelda video games. I`ve made it a full costume including a long green sweater and a brown belt (which you can unfortunately not see on the picture), you can wear this with brown leggings or jeans and, if available, brown gloves.

I’ve used two shawls for this look; a beige scarf to immitate the hair and a green one for the hat! Let’s get this started!!!


STEP 1 – Place your beige shawl in the Home-made Ninja Under-scarf style
STEP 2 – Place the green shawl onto your head, secure at one end
STEP 3 – Wrap the green shawl around your head
STEP 4 – Once completely wrapped, secure the green shawl with a straight pin
STEP 5 – To make the green shawl look “pointy”, secure with a rubber elastic or safety pin


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