One-Shawl Niqab

Peace and Blessings everyone!

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT and WILL NOT wear the Niqab

HOWEVER, for the sake of journalistic integrity, when I’m asked “how do [Muslim women] wear the Niqab” I feel I have to give an answer. It’s not up to me to justify or argue the Niqab. Anything a person chooses to wear, regardless of its religious significance, should be that person’s individual choice. I will show you a Niqab style which can be done using a shawl and two to three pins (I suggest safety pins).


STEP 1 – Place the shawl on your head about 2/3 of the way
STEP 2 – Pull the front flat onto your forehead, folding on both side of your head
NiqabSTEP 3 – Pull both sides tightly around your face, pin the shawl under your chin
STEP 4 – Pull the longer end of your shawl across your chest
STEP 5 – Wrap it behind your head (TIPS: You don’t want it too high up)
STEP 6 – Pull the shawl across your face, over your nose, secure on both sides


2 thoughts on “One-Shawl Niqab

  1. Thank you sister. As I siad, I don't wear Niqab and myself doing it felt very restricted, more restricted than I could ever imagine myself wearing for long periods of time. I love headscarf and it was an interesting experiment. I was thinking of doing a one-day wear of niqab in public. I was shocked of reactions when I started wearing hijab… I wonder what it would be like to wear niqab… stay tuned…


  2. Nice tutorial, good work, i like this style – it looks much better and friendlier, then the “classic” Niqab Style. I'm looking for a tutorial, how to wrap it with a shawl for such a long time, thanks for this. 🙂
    I will not wear the Niqab, in my oppinion it is not necessary to cover the face – i think the face should be seen by others and normal Hijab is enough. But i'm curious how it is to wear the Niqab – how it feels and how it is to be covered like this in public, so i wanted to try it for such a long time, but the classic style is a little bit scary to look at for others, i think, this style looks much better, so i will give it a try in the future, but maybe with annother colour 🙂
    Thanks for this nice tutorial, i like your blog and your styles 🙂



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